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About us

Women and girl child development

Awaz-e-Khawateen is a registered non-profit organisation, it has been founded in 2021 by a group of dedicated and qualified individuals. It is an autonomous, secular women's rights based organisation.

We aim to bring Muslim women an important stakeholders in the mainstream, where they will be able to play their role as changemakers and will contribute towards nation building.

Awaz-e-Khawateen is a platform for Muslim women to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of the community.

Let's give them an opportunity to bloom

Role of Awaz-e-Khwateen

Education and Empowerment

Women are the foundation of the family and society. When we educate and empower one woman, it transforms the life of her family, the entire society and country. In India access to educational opportunities, lack of awareness, low socio economic status and social attitude towards women are the main obstacles in the growth of girls which ultimately affects the growth of the society and country.

Health and Nutrition

Health plays an equally important role in the development of a nation. We still need to address certain health issues which directly affect women and the next generation. Many women of reproductive age in India are undernourished. It is well known that an undernourished mother gives birth to an undernourished baby with low birth weight. Adequate nutrition helps women to be productive members of society.Young mothers, especially adolescent girls who begin childbearing before they have grown and developed enough often produce undernourished babies. When mothers take only short intervals between pregnancies and have many children, can also increase nutrition deficits.

Vocational training

Vocational training is important to women’s economic independence. Self-help groups have created entrepreneurship in hundreds of women. To achieve this organisations and individuals providing vocational training, professional education and imparting skills will be encouraged and resourced. We would also carry out following activities

Counselling and Guidance

Awaz-e-Khwateen will act as a forum of advocacy for the formulation and implementation of women and child protection policies, plans and programmes.

Board of Directors


My heartiest greetings to Awaz -E- Khwateen . Awaz -E- Khwateen has raised a very important issue related to girl child. We are gathered here with a reason. To dedicate their time, resources and skills in reaching out to those women and girls in need, irrespective of their caste, creed and status. In today's world girls not only should be educated but also let them out of social shackles which are coming in there ways

Ranjana Kumari

Director, Centre for Social Research


Empowering women is essential to the health and social development of families, communities and countries.

Yasmeen Abrar

Former Chairperson, National Commission for Women.


Education is a milestone of women empowerment because it enables them to respond to challenges, to confront their traditional role and change their life.Wishing you all the best.

Sandhya Bajaj

Advocates, Supreme Court, Women and Child Activist



New Delhi, India